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Verithin guitars
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Verithin Restoration
Verythin HVCV-SV
which bigsby to fit verithin?
looking to buy a 4575 anybody selling one ?
Verithin Bass/ Guitar Case
Problem with the bridge hofner 4575
Verithin wiring
Hutchins Regent by Hofner
Knobs volume + tone
Bridge Rattle Sound
Anyone seen a label like this before?
Verythin Standard 2002 Amber
Verythin body construction and more
Sound Samples from a 4575?
Wiring Verithins
replace neck...??
New Bridge on a 1964 verythin
Looking for a 4575, Harmony H77/78 or Silvertone 1485
Verythin Standard '02 pots, wiring.
tuning machines on 4575
Verithin Hard Case??
What strings are you using on your Old Verithins?
Decided to have original pickups re-wound.
p90s onto Verithin
tuning stability on 4575?
Good price for a hofner 4575
Small Milestone
Verithin no:311
info update...
1964 Verythin - Before... and After!
Verithin details
Vintage Verithin versus Verithin Standard CT LTD Edition
Hello all, looking for info on my verithin
looking for the model of my guitar
Spare parts for 64 Verithin ?
Customize or leave original??
Strings for a 4575
Verythin Standard
Verithingeoff's collection
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