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Verithin 4575 my very own
New Verythin Owner with questions
hi hi hi
Doglead strap connectors wanted
Another UK Verithin user... :)
Verithin 65-3 number 119
New member
Hi to you all from the UK
Hi Verithin people
Hello All
RIP Hofner Hounds
G'day from Sydney
A modern Verythin in Boston
Hello from Perth.
G'day from France...
New member saying hello - and tailpiece help!
hey guys! what is this verithin right here?
Hi All
Model 4600
Greetings Friend!
Hi from Maui, found a Hofner 4575 in an old box, selling
New Joiner
Verithin 4574 ?
Hello From Holland
Hello from Alameda, CA USA
Hofner Verithin #468...
Hofners for sale
Selmer Astra
I can only dream of owning a Verithin...
Another Verithin owner - again!
Just Joined
Ser 278 Pic 2
Verithin Ser 278
Verythin Ser.278
Hi All
Verithin in N Georgia.
Finally. . . . . .
Appreciation message
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